To people in the world with surprise 「!」and love「

We are committed to challenge what other people do not. Deliver a surprised result beyond clients’ expectation with passion and value.


Do the best right now and right here

Try the best at work. Be the best with friends. We live the best at the moment that we will not regret.

Be Crazy !

Be crazy enough to think we can change the world. Our thought and action are always for someone.


Always be happy with our customers, family, colleagues, company, and society. We stand on your position and act 「For You」


Client Freak

Think about our customers more than competition and market. We always deliver exciting experience beyond expectation.

Create 「!」Quality

Aim for world highest standard. We create quality with full commitment.

Commit & Challenge

Keep challenging with higher goal to reach the ideal. We are committed to become the best in the field without fear of failure.

TRUE Dialogue with the spirit FOR YOU

Speak truly and take action for our team. We love and respect our team with our speaking.


Be the owner of our limits. We do not make an excuse and we enjoy to change for better result.

Be ourselves, Be responsible

Keep growing with self confidence. We are not a bystander or a critic, we take action for our company.


Welcome to PLAN-B Cambodia where creativity is provided with big surprise 「!」and love「」. We understand that technology could make a big difference for your entire business operation. That is why we want to be everyday solution to help your business run successfully. Our team works on every task ranging from small to big projects by carrying with core concepts and values. Started in 2007, we are No. 1 SEO company in Japan. We are committed to become a leading develop company in Cambodia.





The greatest power of PLAN-B Cambodia is “human resources” and “culture” which be able to create competitive advantages in this rapidly changing internet industry. We would create high quality services expanding from Cambodia to Asia with CRAZY! accelerator.

Iwatsuki (Rocky)

Iwatsuki (Rocky)

Oversea Office Manager

We are a Japanese IT company that aim to be the top in the field. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we supports customers in digital area with professional attitude and creates a new standards in Cambodia.



General Manager

To people in the world with surprise 「!」and love「」” is our top mission and it is what we commit all our heart and skill in to. We work hard to deliver Japanese quality products and services to our customers all around the world.

Phou Lin

Phou Lin

Head of Development, Manager

Of course I’m happy with my time in PLAN-B. I met some great people and we love the challenge to create something different and provide a great value for our people and the world.

Long makara

Long Makara

Project Manager

To provide best solution and product to all client is our MOTTO. We are happy and motivated when clients are satisfied with product that we delivered. we work hard more and more to provide the best product with surprise 「!」and love「