Easy, Efficient, Experienced POS Restaurant System

5 Reasons eMenu best for Restaurant Management


Manage from anywhere, anytime

Break free from the counter or restaurant and manage it from anywhere, anytime. Access insights from the mobile app to access your sales, products and report with real time data. Empower your staff to sell more while maintaining good services.

  • Could check with any devices anywhere, anytime
  • See realtime report of daily sale
  • Analyze most sold items or time or days
  • Could access from any smart phone.


Advanced tool and simple to use

It’s designed for modern retails with leading cloud-based restaurant POS. It’s easy for your team to use and works across tablet, iPad or PC with popular hardware. It supports multiple languages and currencies.

  • Devices widely supported PC, Smartphone, Tablet, Printer, POS
  • Touch screen, smart device supported
  • Support unlimited menus, categories
  • Support with multiple languages and currencies


Grow and scale business with ease

eMenu is fast and inexpensive to scale, so you could get set up and start selling with ease. You could get order faster from customer without mistake and you do not spend much time on training to new staff. We keep updating our features, so your business stays at the front of retails without more installation.

  • Fast order from customers
  • Easily train staff in operation
  • Stock and promote popular menu
  • Eliminate least popular menu


Access Insights That Matter

Analyze sale reports that help drive smarter decisions, instead of no actions for sale promotion. You get specific data on popular menu, peak time or day, so you could promote your sale performance with real data.

  • Daily revenue
  • Top sale by cashier/by time/ by day
  • Top sold menu
  • Popular promotion pack


Multi-location Management

Get the whole data of business performance. No matter how many locations you have, you can track sales and menu performance, and even edit your menu, all from one place.

  • Support many locations and brands
  • Analyze multi store sale performance
  • Customized menu with customer need


Work Online/Work Offline

Continue selling even when the internet goes down, eMenu will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.

Custom Receipts

Customize receipts with your logo and website. Choose whether to email or print receipts after sale.

Automated Orders Management

With a quick touch order in Tablet, you will never miss an order with real-time alerts. Confirm orders and let your chef know what to prepare in order.

Returns, Refunds & Store Credit

Customers could be flexible to change their mind with simple refund process and returns. Refund past orders to store credit or back to the customer using the original payment method.

User Accounts

Create individual staff accounts and track sales. Easily customize permissions to restrict which users can see and do.

Split Payments

Provide a flexible way for customers to pay with multiple tender types by accepting two or more payment types in a single transaction.


Use eMenu to solve all problems in your restaurant and increase sale.