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Digital Marketing

More than 7 million people use facebook in Cambodia, account for 30% of Cambodian population. It is a big opportunity to promote our business with facebook marketing over our competitors. Operation cost is much cheaper than advertising on TV, radio, newspaper, and it could raise high brand awareness and customer engagement. Contact us for facebook marketing and branding your products/services for a better sale and profit.

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Cost Savings? Increase the customer engagement? Keep your business working 24/7? Most of sale activities in Cambodia recently are started from Facebook and messenger, and more 1.3 billion people use messenger worldwide. Chabot could help you quickly deliver your product/service messages to your potential customers with ease. For More Details.

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Mobile App Development

A quick and easy access to information and solution normally lies upon the use of social media through mobile devices. Thus, building mobile application for your business is one of the smart ways to interact with your customers. Because it is vital for your business well-being, we help you develop mobile apps that feature better user experience so that your customers could be at ease when using your application.


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Web Development

We are passionate in building professional websites because we want to offer the best solution for our clients’ online business and investment. A website that comes with attractive appearance and design, good content, and great usability is an ideal website to run your business. We put our effort and profession in producing this for our customers.


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Branding Design

Making your business appeal to the public is the most important step to increase the value of your company. For that matter, having a good branding design for a company helps the public to better recognize your business & service. At the same time, a good company’s logo sets specific direction to entire team working towards a common goal. Together with our service, we also offer loyal discussions and consultation that is meaningful for brand creation of your company.